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Day 13: Rest Day

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Having a fairly short day ahead of her, Claudia gets a late start (for her) around 9:00 AM. We say goodbye as she takes off into the morning heat.

Jason has decided that instead of fishing, we’ll go hiking. Maybe he could tell, but I could not care less about fishing. I am very excited about the hiking though! He drives me to the trailhead for Cassidy Arch. It’s a fairly short hike, only 1.5 miles, but it goes straight up a cliff. Having been a park guide for years, Jason really knows how to pick a great hike!

He also knows the history of the area and explains the arch is named after Butch Cassidy, whose gang would lose pursuers through the canyons in the surrounding area. They’re a complete maze unless you know what you’re doing. The arch itself is just as amazing as the story!

Jason has experience repelling through the arch, as well as three more hidden arches beneath it that can only be accessed with ropes.

The whole area we hiked was incredible and would have been well worth coming to even without the arch.

We’re about 1,000 feet up from the road we came in on…

Once I got my touristy pictures, we returned to Jason’s house where I enjoyed a steak from Jason. We talked for a few more hours as we watched jackrabbits in the backyard in the warm evening. But all good things must come to an end... Both of us had early starts in the morning, so it was time to head to bed.

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