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Pedaling for Educational Opportunities


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Hello There!

In the summer of 2021 I will be biking solo across the USA! If you see me come say hi. I would love to hear your route suggestions, history of the local area, and simply just to meet you as I pedal across the US.

I am also riding to support a local high school club that has been struggling during COVID and I would appreciate if you would check out the GoFundMe page on my website and learn more about them.

Please explore the website and have a great day!

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Wrap-up: By the Numbers

Final post for crossing the USA, summer 2021. For my final post from my trip, I thought I would do a rundown of all the numbers I found...

Day 68: The Final Day

Sure enough, we woke up to rain. It wasn’t quite a downpour, but I was also not keen to ride in the rain to end my journey. However, I...

Day 67: The Penultimate Ride!

Having learned my lesson the day prior, I planned to leave the trailer park the way I should have initially come in. It helped that I...

Day 62: The Atlantic!

In the morning, Dustin made me a delicious pile of pancakes. We discussed what route I should take to NYC from Philadelphia. I had...

Days 58 and 59: Washington DC

I was a little groggy the next morning due to the alarm going off and my clothes weren't entirely dry because I had to take them off the...

Day 57: The Drone Catastrophe!

When I woke up, my clothes were as dry as they were going to get, and I packed up for the day. I would prefer to not stay in hotels due...

Day 47: The Hardest Day?

I woke up early because I wanted to be packed and out of there before someone came to open up the church. I had to wear the clothes from...

Day 41: Double Century...

I got up early and quickly packed up, grabbing the snacks Ellie had put out for me the previous night. I quietly ate breakfast to avoid...

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