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Day One: San Pablo to Folsom, 6/1/21

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

This morning we had an early breakfast with Doug, the head coach for the El Cerrito High School Cycling Team, which I raced for in high school, and have been able to coach for this last year. Doug came over right at 6:00 AM, and we ultimately left around 6:50 AM. He was my Sacajawea all the way to the Carquinez Bridge and continued to ride with me even further until he had to turn around. It was great having him for the first 30 miles!

After the weigh in this morning, my bike with gear (but without water and food) weighs 62 lbs. I thought I packed light, but clearly there has to be more I can leave behind, right?

Thanks to a perfect tailwind for me (not so hot for Doug on his return back home) I made great time all the way to Davis. Coincidentally, I met another cyclist named Davis, and we rode for around 20 miles into the city of Davis together. The miles pass quicker with some good conversation.

Once I entered Davis, however, I hit a wall. My legs were cramping and I was pretty exhausted. Davis, the individual, dropped me off in some shade outside a Subway where I proceeded to recuperate for the next 45 minutes. All the fountains are shut off due to COVID, so I ended up buying some more water from a gas station.

After that rest and lunch, I was feeling pretty good again and took off for Sacramento. I made fairly good time, and upon reaching Sacramento, I experienced my first tree cover for the day. All of the previous riding that day was through hot farm land. My cycling computer had the high of the day at 110 degrees...

The heat really caused me to burn through water rapidly. I’m a little worried now about upcoming segments where I will be away from civilization and easy water access... Although I hear it should cool off a bit next week, which will be ideal going through Nevada.

Past Sacramento, I rode the Great American River Trail for around 25 miles. On the way I met another cyclist, Steve, who had done some cycle touring himself. He made another great conversation partner.

With the live-tracking on my website, people can see exactly where I am at any time and also see other information from my cycling computer. One of the students I coach was following along right as I hit my 100 mile mark and sent me a congratulatory message. Thank you, Jack!

It was after that 100 mile mark where things began heading downhill. Where previously I was riding around 18 miles an hour, I was now happy to be hitting 11mph. I was ready to be in Folsom and relax, but that wouldn’t come for another 13 miles. On the way, I was able to take a dip in the river, which would be my last stop of the day until my destination.

I finally arrived in Folsom where I was met by my very gracious hosts, Paul and Ann. I was quickly in the shower and then the pool, which was great after 110 degree weather! Paul then took me out to dinner. This may be the only day to date that I will lose weight while having ate nachos.

Paul is a avid cycle tourist and has crossed the entire USA himself while riding with 80 lbs of gear, including his bike. And I thought I was crazy! He has also done a large segment of the Great Divide trail, the longest all dirt trail you can ride in the world. It goes from Canada to Mexico. Paul has also been invaluable in helping me plan my route. Thank you, Paul!

I was thinking about an early start tomorrow, I doubt that’s happening now... I’m beat.

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Paul Gilbert-Snyder
Paul Gilbert-Snyder
03 มิ.ย. 2564

Great start! Congratulations and keep up the good work. I hope you have friendly tailwinds all the way!


Thank you! I'm hoping to go for a 200 mile day if I can get some good tailwinds after Colorado!


D Cole
D Cole
02 มิ.ย. 2564

Brutal heat. Stay hydrated and we wish you the best.


Turns out the next two days were worse... Getting more bottles soon...

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