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Peter's Progress

Mike, Peter's Dad here. Peter is doing well on his cross-country journey, in spite of not posting for awhile. With a typical day being well over 100 miles, he is finding he does not have the time and energy to peck out a new blog entry on his phone. And rather than making short half-baked entries, he is pausing the blogging for now.

But, you ask, where is he? How far is he from the finish? As a quick answer to that, I have been maintaining a map of his entire trip. (I have tried to be faithful to every twist and turn, but in some cases his actual route may have been slightly different.)

No doubt he will complete the trip journal in time, with stories of

- Colorado mountain bike racing

- Bumping into a cousin on a Kansas highway

- Riding in the back of a Kentucky police car

- Rain, lightning, humidity, and large flying bugs

- and hospitality and generosity all along the way

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I got to host Peter in Lexington, Kentucky, and it was awesome! So glad to get to watch this journey unfold! What a ride :)

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Anna was an awesome host! And you saved me when I couldn’t find anyone else in Lexington available!


Thanks for the update! I was wondering..... Totally understand not having time to blog!

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I totally get it, despite never having done anything like your ride! You have to have priorities! Those are some awesome miles you're putting in. Stay safe, healthy and happy!


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update and map. I look forward to reading Peter’s stories.


Replying to

I’m hoping I get a chance tomorrow to write some more as I expect to finish rather early.

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